Pediatric Dental Design and Technology: Taking a bite out of a child’s fear of dental visits

I can remember as a child quaking in my Saddle Oxford's when my mother announced it was time to go to the dentist. Nothing was more dreaded or terrifying, not to mention painful. The only thing I looked forward to was hoping the puzzles in Highlight magazine had yet to be solved.

As the need for patient comfort became more important and technology in dental equipment improved, a new awareness was introduced about patient care and comfort. Competition in the world of dental care is fierce. Those with the best technology are the winners.

Technology in this case is a broad term that encompasses patient flow; advanced- and high-performing finishes; noise control; the latest equipment; and heroic measures to practice pain-free dental care.

While all are necessary, these design elements are just the basics for quality and competitive pediatric dental care.

The awareness of infectious disease control and the use of finishes intended to prevent the spread of disease is more important than ever to provide an interesting and fun space where the prevention of the spread of germs is a priority.

One example being introduced into dental office waiting rooms is virtual technology in which children don’t have to touch to entertain themselves.

Motion-activated wall murals create interest and can be used in almost any place in the office. As the patient moves through the space, the video is activated by movement.

A delightful array of images is limited only by one’s imagination. Moving images are projected onto the wall, floor, or ceiling. Children can be entertained and distracted for long periods of time.

Another interesting product is a play mat that is relatively new to the market. Utilized in some retail establishments, these mats offer games reactive to movement. They include images of fish, soccer balls, rippling water, and other interactive games kids love to play.Be aware the computer needs rebooting often.

The benefit of having these types of energetic and engaging activities is they keep the child occupied on something fun while taking their mind off the reason for the visit. These types of technologies also allow children to burn off nervous energy. And since there is no hand interaction, the spread of disease is diminished.

It’s a win-win for busy mothers, busy dental offices, and most of all, the health and comfort of our children.

Finally, consider connecting your new advanced design to your advertising campaign to allow your patients to understand the high level of your attention to detail, their safety, and their comfort. These design elements matter to the success of your practice.

Check out these sources for ideas and then give us a call to help you realize the goals you have for your office. We understand the challenges of operating a dental office and can provide solutions.

These sources are for reference only and not a recommendation from Iconic Design Studio.

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