Keeping up to date on the latest technology is a smart solution

“He who has the best technology wins.”

Nothing is truer in these high-tech times than this statement. At Iconic Design Studio (IDS), we embrace the most up-to-date technology regarding products and finishes we specify to our clients.

It’s for this reason we host a Fast Friday two to three times a year. Fast Friday is a special day dedicated to manufacturers and representatives who call on us.

At each event we schedule back-to-back, 30-minute appointments to learn about new products and cutting-edge technology to offer the best solutions for our clients. It’s respectful to their level of expertise. It educates us on trends and keeps us ahead of the competition.

The most recent Fast Friday brought an awareness of some pretty exciting technology to our cozy conference room. A smart solution. Just what we’ve all been waiting for.

The design described below offers wonderful benefits for use in healthcare, hospitality, airports, and the like. This product has already been installed at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

So, here’s the smart solution you’ve been waiting for:

  • One-piece, plated stainless steel WashBar includes touch-free soap, water, and hand dryer. No simultaneous activations with WashBar Smart Technology, so you can be sure if you are in the drying phase, you won't be sprayed with water again.

  • The basin and drain are engineered to evacuate water and dissipate air flow, this prevents blow back in the drying phase.

  • LED lighting and easy-to-understand icons on the WashBar create an intuitive hand washing experience

  • Single piece molded basin eliminates caulk lines and seams, thereby eliminating buildup of soiling in seams and caulk. Infectious disease control folks love this idea.

  • WashBar and basin system comes complete with mounting, access panel, drain assembly, and plumbing connections. The really cool feature is if there are three washers utilized, there is only one point for plumbing connections. This saves money, time, and reduces the risk of leaks and maintenance.

  • The basin is constructed of beautiful, highly durable Evero Natural Quartz Surface – a blend of natural quartz, granite, exotic materials, and bio-based resin. Installs like a traditional sink and faucet.

  • The product comes in three standard sizes to accommodate one to three sinks. Evero offers a myriad of quartz colors from which to choose.

Alas, there is a downside: this product is not inexpensive. However, when weighing the features and benefits against cost, it could be a life-saver where secondary infections are concerned.

Kelli Berry, Principal of Iconic Design Studio, has more than 40 years of experience working in

large hospitals to provide accurate specifications for interior finish products.

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