Much like senior living, healthcare, specifically hospitals, demand a similar approach to design standards. We recognize budgets and schedules are tough, and safety concerns are always top of mind awareness, given our designs cater to the weakest among us. While the ultimate goal is to provide an end product which delivers healing and comforting aesthetics, key to achieve that end, is the correct specification and application for finish products. Patient care, staff retention, and preservation of labor and financial resources are all integral to interior design success for the healthcare market.

Facility leaders managing twenty four/seven operations dont have the luxury of deep cleaning between patient treatments. Attention to finish products designed and equipped with antimicrobial and nano technologies which inhibit the growth and spread of infectious disease are ever more important to the overall health and well being of  the staff, patients and guests. The correct use of finishes directly relates to the health of operating capital of any healthcare facility. Controlling external costs is key to profit and success and the result of a good design.

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