Our Team combines the talents and experience of  seasoned professionals offering Principal Level Service. Trust us...It makes a huge difference in the successful outcome of your project.


Iconic Design Studio recognizes our accountability from those who expect a higher level of awareness for the needs of the client | consultant relationship. ​The construction and design process is so foreign to most end-users, and mis-steps can challenge relationships, and cost everyone time and money. Hence the necessity to hire a knowledgeable professional.


At IDS we are invested in the business of the business of our clients. We guide them through the construction and design process with respect and attention to their needs and finances.​


We continue to spend our energy in the community to lift others to success. We pay it forward.  And we are grateful and appreciate every one of our clients and industry partners.​  Simply put, we do our best to solve the client's problem. We respect the hard working vendors who hit the jobsite everyday with good intentions to produce a quality product from the imagination of the owner, designer and architect. We always focus on the client and what is in their best interest.  Let Us Help You ... Make It Happen


Kelli Berry
Tarah Hamman


A passionate commitment to her clients drives Kelli Berry. She possesses more than 45 years of experience in design and interior subcontracting. The scope of her work includes interior architecture, interior design, specification, procurement, fabrication, marketing, sales, design, and logo and branding services. Kelli describes herself as an out-of-the-box resource.

The mission of Iconic Design Studio is to provide interior architecture and design services for its clients and to collectively team with larger architectural firms to provide cohesive outsourced professional services for interior architecture and design services.  More...

Tarah Hamman is a consultant to Iconic Design Studio as a senior interior designer/project manager.

Her adaptive and creative approach to problem solving, commitment to client satisfaction, and her professional kid-at-heart personality make her an integral asset to any project team. Tarah loves materials and has a wealth of knowledge and resources.


Designer/Project Manager


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